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Rust Stain Removal Services

Rust Stains are also caused by a variety of different things. Rust Stain Removal is not a one step process, no two rust stains are the same.


When trying to achieve rust stain removal one must first be able to identify the kind of rust stain and the appropriate and SAFE rust stain removal product for the substrate.

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Fertilizer Rust Stains

Fertilizer Rust Stains can be caused by not removing or sweeping the fertilizer pellets away after fertilizing a yard. Moisture causes the pellets to leave tiny little stains all over the place. The Only way to remove these stains properly without causing further damage to your concrete, is by calling us to remove them!

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Battery Acid Staining

Battery Acid Rust Stains are usually caused from washing a golf cart on top of a concrete areas like a driveway or parking structures. These stains get embedded into the pores of the concrete. 

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Vertical Staining

Vertical rust staining can also occur on home and building surfaces, such as EIFS, vinyl, concrete, and other substrates. 

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