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King Kleen roof cleaning professionals


Did you realize those dark, ugly streaks on your roof are actually algae, moss, and lichen? These damaging agents eat away at your roof and are the most common reason why people spend thousands of dollars to replace them. If not properly taken care of, you could be at risk of losing your home insurance. King Kleen can extend the life of your roof by regularly maintaining it at the fraction of the cost of replacing it. In order to clean your roof safely and effectively, we use a soft wash cleaning system which exerts no pressure on your roof and keeps all your plants and property surrounding it safe. We are certified and trained by industry experts to protect your home and property.


Don't let algae eat your roof (and wallet) alive!

Extend the longevity of your roof by hiring King Kleen today.


Boosts your home's value & appearance.


Extends the longevity of your roof.


Averts paying thousands of dollars in premature replacement from algae damage! 


Plant & property protection.

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