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About Us

Since our founding, we’ve worked with numerous clients throughout southeastern Iowa and west-central Illinois. As a local, family-owned company, we believe great service begins and ends with experienced professionals.

Our clients praise us for our attention to detail that makes them feel confident that we'll make every inch of their building’s exterior sparkle.

King Kleen scaling commercial windows building cleaning professionals

King Kleen's Story

If Ethan King isn't teaching himself to be an IT specialist and webmaster, he is creating the premiere offering in the cleaning industry to best serve the needs of his community and to give himself the best opportunity he could find - the chance to work with family. While successfully building his interest in technology into managing IT assets in four states and ten locations, King felt his job was becoming stressful and, while he loved his job, began looking for the next stage of his life. It was while he was helping a friend in the cleaning industry, he rediscovered his passion. This led to the beginning of King Kleen and for three years the firm has offered "A Superior Exterior Clean."

Likewise, Heidi King, Ethan's mother, was working in human resources in the same company where her son served as the IT manager. It was when the COVID-19 health crisis hit, she began thinking it was time to make changes in her career and find her own path. After plenty of family discussion, she joined her son to build King Kleen into the top offering in the cleaning industry. She quickly found herself going from sitting at a desk to working outside restoring the beauty of aging buildings. While she admits there are plenty of challenges in her chosen career, she recognizes the rewards - especially the reward of working with family - to outweigh any issues. 

"Not only am I grateful to work with my family, but I am thankful for all the amazing customers that we get to know when we are providing a service for them," she says.

Ethan & Heidi King Owners
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